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Women’s Coats

Women’s Coats

We have selected a number of groups in which we could classify different types of coats, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the cuts and styles are intertwined.

Elegant style

Our belief is that every woman should have at least one stylish coat. Maybe you do not need it for every day ware and maybe it won’t be the warmest clothing item in your wardrobe this winter, but it is an item of clothing in which you will look pretty and feminine during the cold weather. This year predominantly semi-long models that extend above and below the knee are modern, although there are some models that are longer and reach just above the ankle, as well as those models that are shorter, which reach up to the mid-thigh. Most of the models are characterized by straight lines, large buttons, and large collars with additions such as fur, lace and decorative pockets. They mostly come in muted, black, gray, brown, red and purple colors.

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Casual style

Where is the line between elegant and casual style? It is not strictly defined, but it is more a matter of taste. What is casual to someone will pass under elegant for someone else. In addition, a large role is played by the other clothing and shoes that you wear as to whether it is a casual or elegant look and of course accessories such as a hat, gloves, scarf and bag. Characteristics of a casual model are that they are slightly shorter, some reach only to the beginning of the thighs, some up to mid-thigh, and some are up to the knees. The cuts are more “sporty”, youthful, with clasps and buttons. These coats are characterized by the straight lines and muted colors, occasionally with light gray and white.

Military style

This style could pass under the casual style but given that this year it is so popular and widespread, we decided to set it aside as a special group. Double rows of buttons as on the ceremonial military uniform, high Russian collars or wide collars in military style, decorative cufflinks and strict simple pattern characterize a military style coat. Most commonly it is a little shorter than other coat models, which reach to the middle of the thigh with the most popular being patriotic colors – white, blue, red. The exception is the unavoidable gray – the top color of the season.

The checkered style

Another sub-type of casual style is coats made from checkered material or materials with a herringbone pattern. We can safely say that it is a model intended for younger people, who can very easily pull off this coat with the rest of their clothes and accessories. The checkered models mostly have a gray base which is embroidered with slightly more vivid colors such as blue, purple, pink, red or a light neutral color.

Retro models

Of all the coat types that are being worn this season that the most popular more or less are retro styles. These wonderful and at times a bit extravagant models are not to everyone’s taste or style. But what is certain, if you opt for some similar models, you will be noticed and recognized as a person who knows fashion.

If you still have not bought a winter coat, then it is time to do so as soon as possible. When you are already decided to “throw” yourself in investing in a coat, which you’ll probably wear a few times next autumn-winter seasons, then you definitely need to buy something that is trendy, what suits you and in the end what keep you warm.

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