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Women’s Suits

Women’s Suits

Men’s style suits but made for a woman’s body are once again trendy. After nearly a decade of being put in the background, the classic line of sophisticated women’s suits with trousers are this season ‘must have’.

At the turn of the decade, most women only had a classic black suit in their wardrobe that was paired with pants as a safe option for every occasion. Now there is a full range of different variations on the suit available with almost every designer making an effort to add a women’s suit to their collection. The types of suits range from soft line suits to two-tone suits or sexy feminine suits.

Having a good taste in clothes means the proper selection of clothing, shoes, jewellery and other decorative details for every occasion, every time of the day and for every environment.

For any business woman it is important for her to know what it is that will provide her a decent look that will put her in a good position when communicating with people. These are: wardrobe, hair and grooming.

Clothing for business women should be primarily made of high quality materials. As the fashion trends change frequently it is difficult to give advice on the length of skirts, colors of clothing and other details. Yet one thing is certain – the accepting fashion trends you should not exaggerate, at least not in your workplace. A woman needs to act and look feminine, but also business like.
In the wardrobe every business woman must have at least two or three skirts, blazers and three to four blouses.
It is recommended that the skirt be knee length. For shorter women it is advised to wear clothing made from lightweight fabrics with extensive details. To thinner women strong and bright colors with big designs, as well as monochrome sacred materials will look good.Fuller women will look better in heavy fabrics, fine designs, monochromatic fabrics and darker colors.
Fabrics should be selected depending on the color of her skin and hair. Blue, pink and orange colors look beautiful women with blond hair and distinct facial features. Redheaded women are advised not to wear pink, orange and yellow colors, instead should wear brown-purple shades, green and blue. For dark-haired women it is suggested that dresses and suits with conspicuous colors, such as purple, red and black be worn. It is important to choose colors in a way that either one dominant color is highlighted or a color contrast is made.

The best possible colors for dresses and business suits are navy blue, gray, beige, navy, deep brown, black and reddish-brown. You should not dress in clothes that are tight, as well as jeans, sweaters and sport shirts. You should avoid jingling jewellery, deep cleavage and skirts with excessively pronounced zippers. Connoisseurs of fashion and fashion designers agree that feminine elegance particularly emphasize shoes, bags and hairstyles.

How to choose a women’s suit

1. A suit jacket should fall comfortably down the body and should not be too tight or too loose.
2. The collar should end at the middle of the neck and the material should not be wrinkled in that area.
3. The shoulders should lie entirely on the back, without protruding or wrinkling. Your sleeves should cover the entire arm but not the hand when they are down.
4. Raise and lower the arm again, your outfit fits properly if it returns to its original position.
5. Try to sit down, you should be comfortable, it shouldn’t be too tight or wrinkle around the buttons.
6. You have to feel comfortable and you need to be able to move freely in your pants. You must be able to put a finger between the waist and the pants, if you cannot then pants are too tight. The material must fall down the legs and should not be wrinkled.
Women’s suits are very professional and make your figure stand out if it is a good fit and style. We hope that you find these few important rules helpful and useful when choosing and buying your next business suit.

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